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Mathematical datum for Nereid

The following results are not based on any evidence, but are here to illustrate what I feel are best fit values for Nereid. My findings are based upon correcting uncertainties from reference values I have acquired from the internet and books.I have created a hierarchy starting at the top of the list with globally accepted values, where uncertainty in the value is the least, from a series of sampled results. The parameters lower down the list have a much greater uncertainty or are estimated by computation using my Nereid comparator program.

Orbital Properties

Nereid Physical Parameters from user settings and results.

1. Semi major axis (km)


Based on references

2. AU


Calculated from 1 above.

3. AU (x106 km )


Calculated from 2 above.

4. Orbital inclination (degree)


Based on references

5. Orbital eccentricity


Adjusted to fit reference 7 below .

6. Sideral Period (days)


Result of changing e, 5 above.

7. Nearest to Neptune (km)


 Based on references.

8. Farthest From Neptune (km)


Calculated from 1,5,7 above.

9. Mean Distance from Planet (km)


Computed using * polar method.

10. Density

Not done

Due to variant temperature and distance.

The Planetary Scientist's Companion, Katherine Lodders and Bruce Fegley,Jr. , Pages 15, 18, 228
Oxford Univerity Press, ISBN:0-19-511694-1 (deleted),
The New Solar System, Beatty,Petersen,Chaikin, p390 and other pages

References for calculations

Nereid Research