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Space probes where sent to visit the outer solar planets to monitor magnetic fields and other electromagnetic properties. As a bonus the on board devices detected a phenomenon now known to be the solar wind . Solar wind is Ionised gas that interacts with the Suns magnetic field to form plasma, the fourth state of a matter. The five states of matter being Solid,Liquid Gas ,Plasma and B.E.C.'s . The solar wind spirals outward from the sun sweeping across into the path of each planet in our solar system and beyond. When it interacts with a planets magnetic fields, physical reactions occur that help us humans back on Earth determine the chemical composition of its atmosphere, the speed of rotation, its magnetic dipole and more.With each new discovery new devices are engineered to detect these properties with higher accuracy, but we have to reverse engineer how the planets magnetic fields are made,  so as to understand how there behaviour would possibly affect us back on Earth.

Jovian Magnetospheres