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You will find lots of things here not seen anywhere else. I have enhance and added to the knowledge of Neptune's moon Nereid, that took several months to investigate. Through self discovery and individuality, I share with you my interest in space and emerging technology and some works of art created by me. Included is a sci fi story in which I have envisaged technologies I wrote about now becoming mainstream every day world. One such Idea was the Tetrawave scanner, which is now used in airports, but I use as a skull scanner . Other ideas include the Gel bed , dark matter tunnel and antimatter drill used to create a frictionless hole, allowing spacecraft to drive through space using existing hydrogen in the surrounding space also from Jupiter and Saturn . You may have seen a similar spacecraft energy replenishment idea in Stargate Universe and the Last Lost in Space film, but my idea uses planets which are a bit cooler and safer to get close to than a Sun. All the ideas in the story are based on what exists now, they just needs a bit of engineering , development and Billions of pounds to make them viable.

The Nereid Perception.PDF short story.Feel free to click on the ellipses above to see more site content.

I have also created several websites for other people ,but this is my scratchpad for creativity.This Version 2 Of StarMariner.net and its like an old car that stays in a garage, sometimes its tweeked or left for years.

About Fireball reconstruction . That I seen.

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